all about moving things

The Transport Industry is all about moving things, storing things and supplying things. And when we say ‘things’, we mean anything and everything, from people and animals to goods and services.

Without the Transport Industry, we wouldn’t be able to get things done, morning day or night.

Every person and every industry in Australia is influenced by, and depends upon the Transport Industry.

Consequently, there are so many diverse careers available in this exciting, fast-paced and ever-changing sector. People who work in the Transport Industry are constantly kept on their toes.

The industry needs to be flexible in order to accommodate the influence of public opinion, governmental decisions and environmental factors.

Loads of different skills are needed for the many different kinds of transport and logistics careers, but the one thing you really need is an interest in being part of an industry that makes the world go round (or makes things go round the world?!). 

all about moving things

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